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Power went out to our house, and several others on our block. A PG&E pole climber came out and went up the pole in our back yard, and found that the wind had pulled out a connecting wire that ran 4 kV to the input of the stepdown transformer. He called in for a "rubber gloves" team to reconnect the wire, with the HV line still hot, and also to replace the "fuse" in the HV line. (He also called in a tree-surgeon crew to cut away some problematic branches in the next yard, though those weren't the cause of our problem at the moment.)

The first photo shows the dangling wire, to the left of the pole, at the top. The rest show the rubber-glove wire-and-fuse crew at work. Crew arrived 6:30 pm; power back on by 7:10 pm. Photos are photoshopped heavily because of the poor lighting at that time of the evening.