Mike and Karen's Photo Gallery

The Worldcon was in Germany in 1970, so many North American fans went instead to Toronto, where the second Fan Fair was running that same weekend. I flew to the East Coast and visited family, then flew to Boston where four or five of us rented a van and drove to Montréal (to see the remnants of the 1967 Expo) and then to Toronto. In Vermont a tire caught fire; none of the other adventures were as hair-raising. Bill Desmond videotaped variously during the trip, but it is my understanding that the tapes did not come out. (He was using early Sony monochrome equipment. Somewhere around here I have a copy of the non-fan-related video magazine he did under the "Broadside Free Video Press" title.)

There is almost nothing online about this convention. Two useful sources disagree about the dates, though someone with access to the program book can probably tell us. I'll identify some of the people in the pictures, but some of them I have long forgotten or never knew.