taken by Michael Ward

I went to Wiscon 28 and took almost five hundred photographs. It's easy to do this with a digital camera and a mad gleam in the eye. Here are 260 of them, labeled, in album pages.

They're grouped into four categories of photographs:

General Overview and Special Events




RIGHTS: OK, they're copyrighted. I will be happy to sign over reproduction rights for any of these photos for any noncommercial use. Contact me for clearances if you want to use any of them for professional purposes.

Please feel free to link to them from your website or blog, mention them to your local newspaper, or send e-mail to your friends or enemies or perfect strangers about them. I'd appreciate it if you sent me a short note when they appear somewhere other than here.

These images are compressed for the web. Larger versions of the photos exist, each of them about a megabyte in size. I can e-mail you a copy of the full photograph if you're in it; just send me e-mail.

The pages are displayed first as thumbnails, twelve to a page. Each one is linked to a larger version of the image. The thumbnails and the picture pages give the title of the picture, and in general there will be useful, informative, and descriptive text added to the larger picture. You can go from thumbnail page to thumbnail page using the buttons at top and bottom of the image block, and you can go from large picture to large picture in the same way. Click on a thumbnail to go to the larger version of the picture; from a picture page, click on the "Index" button to get to the thumbnail page that references that larger picture.

I've identified a lot of the people and written descriptions for most of the photographs. Where possible I've linked the names in the descriptions to people's home pages. Where I couldn't find a good link, I've put in a link to Amazon; or, whatever I could find. If you have a particular place you'd like me to link your name to, send e-mail.

I've done the best I could with pictures taken under difficult lighting conditions. A Nikon Coolpix 995 (3 MPixel) camera did the work. I attempted to choose effective ISO, and lighting / white balance compensation for it, sometimes well and sometimes not so well. The mix of natural and artificial lighting of two or three kinds, with the limited range of the camera's built-in strobe, makes sometimes for interesting or wholly disruptive effects. What I couldn't fix in the camera I fixed in Photoshop as well as I could.

If you think any picture on these pages makes you look too ugly, too silly, too angry, or just too too too, write me and I'll hide the picture where no one will ever see it again. This does not apply, of course, to group pictures or pictures taken of panels and presentations.

Many of the people at Wiscon 28 did not make it into these photographs! I didn't get to all of the panels, especially the evening ones and the Monday morning ones. I hope that other peoples' pictures will cover what I missed.

If you like these pictures, or what I'm trying to do, or just think I'm a deserving person, visit some of the Google advertisers below. And check out some of the other Hidden Knowledge websites; there's a lot of interesting stuff, that I've found, scanned, and pasted up onto the web because I think the world will be amused by it.


Friends have sent references to other pictures of Wiscon on the web. So far I know about:

Tracy Benton's pictures of the Pirate Party (the Tie Dye-rate pirate carries the camera that took the pictures I present to you here; in other words, that's me)


Lots of people have taken pictures at Wiscons past. SF3, the organization that puts on the convention, has plenty of information on previous conventions on their website, but they don't make it easy for you to find photos. Beginning with Wiscon 20 (1996) you can get to the retired homepage (or a summary page) for the con by going to (e.g.) http://sf3.org/wiscon/20; for Wiscon 21, it's http://sf3.org/wiscon/21 and so on. Finding pictures is trickier; sometimes they have them and sometimes they don't. I've found:

Wiscon 24 pictures
Wiscon 26 pictures
Bill Humphries' Wiscon 26 pictures
my pictures from Wiscon 27
Cheryl Morgan's pictures from Wiscon 27
anjyel kaye's pictures from Wiscon 27
I'm sure there are more referenced in the "Wiscon" community group at LiveJournal, to be gone through at leisure.


Betsy Lundsten provides more names of the hitherto nameless; thanks!

Jed Hartman (twice over), Freddie Baer, and Chris Hill for identifying people I hadn't been able to name.


That's enough writing! Enjoy the pictures, and see you next year at Wiscon 29.

—Mike Ward

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