taken by Michael Ward

Here are the photos from our two-day bus tour, June 8-9, 2004, of gardens and nurseries in the Napa and Sonoma wine country. Karen Schaffer and I went with almost fifty gardeners and spouses, including a lot of Master Gardeners from Santa Clara County.

We started with Peter Newton’s winery estate and finished with a rammed earth house by David Easton, with lots of interesting stuff in between. The photos are in chronological order and are labeled with the place name. (As time permits, more explanatory text may be added, but don’t hold your breath.)

The photos are displayed first as thumbnails, twelve to a page. Each one is linked to a larger version of the image. The thumbnails and the picture pages give the ID number of the picture, and little bit of text under the larger picture tells where it was taken. You can go from thumbnail page to thumbnail page using the buttons at top and bottom of the image block, and you can go from large picture to large picture in the same way. Click on a thumbnail to go to the larger version of the picture; from a picture page, click on the "Index" button to get to the thumbnail page that references that larger picture.

Click here to go to the thumbnails.

The photos are compressed for the web; I have higher-resolution, larger versions of these photos, each of them about a megabyte in size. I can e-mail you a digital copy of any full photograph if you want it; just send me e-mail. You can link to them from your web pages or blogs, or mention them to your local newspaper. Contact me if you want to use them in a book (I should be so lucky).

Feel free to check out some of the other Hidden Knowledge websites I list; there's a lot of interesting stuff, that I've found, scanned, and pasted up onto the web because I think the world will be amused by it. For gardeners especially, take a look at the covers of two dozen issues of FRUIT, GARDEN AND HOME from 1922-24, the magazine that went on to become BETTER HOMES & GARDENS.

That's enough writing! Enjoy 'em, and maybe I'll see you on another one of these trips!.

—Mike Ward

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