Genealogical Notes On the Kaczkiela Family of Poland and New England

I've managed to compile a lot of data about my mother's family, just from sources in the U. S. Recently I obtained five certificates from the Archive at the Archdiocese of Bialystok, which answered some questions about her ancestry. This is just a simple summary of that data; for a more complete description, view the family tree on at (public, if you have an Ancestry membership), or else the same tree via GEDcom on at (ask to be invited to view).

Kaczkiela family

Józef Kaczkielo married Krystyna Braslawska, date and location unknown.

Their son Sylwester Kaczkielo was born about 1839 (computed from his age 33 at the time of his second marriage in 1872). He was married three times.

First marriage: no information yet. Sylwester was described as a widower, at the time of his second marriage. This was a surprise to me.

Second marriage (23 January 1872, in Sokólka, Podlaskie, Poland): Anastazja Bakunowicz, born about 1850 in Lipina, Podlaskie, Poland (computed from her age 22 in 1872). Child of this marriage: Adolf Kaczkiela. Adolf was born in Lipina on 18 December 1876 (source: birth certificate), and died in Worcester, Massachusetts, USA, on 5 June 1927. (Source for marriage: marriage certificate)

Third marriage: Josepha Jackiewicz (no more information about her). Child of this marriage: Izydor P. Kaczkiela. Izydor was born in Lipina on 4 April 1888 (source: birth certificate), and died in Providence, Rhode Island, USA, on 8 January 1959.

Adolf and Izydor emigrated to America in the period 1907 to 1913, along with other friends and relatives from Lipina. Family names of other emigrants were Horosz and Onosko.

Adolf married (on 5 November 1906, in Sokólka, Podlaskie, Poland) Marianna Horosz. (Source for marriage: marriage certificate)

Horosz family:

Marianna Horosz was born in Lipina, on 23 January 1887 (source: birth certificate), and died in Preston, Connecticut, USA, on 9 March 1967. Her parents were Jan Horosz and Michalina Frankowska. (Michalina's maiden name is shows as Dawgiert on the birth certificate of her daughter Marianna.) I also have the names of all four of her grandparents, but no additional information on them.

Marianna's mother Michalina also emigrated to America, in 1914. She died in 1917 in Worcester, Massachusetts, USA.

Marianna Horosz had several brothers and sisters. Two of them, Wincenty Horosz and Anthony Horosz, emigrated to America. They married in America and have descendants there. My mother believed that Marianna also had a sister Anna, and brothers Michal and Jan.

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