Ahnentafel for Marvin Charles Ward

Compiled by Michael John Ward, San Jose, CA. Contact: mjward at-sign hidden-knowledge.com
Original Creation: May 2010

Changes and additions:

9 June, 15 August 2010: Added dates, locations, and ancestors of 38. Lemuel Holmes and 39. Sally Marsh [documentation possibly flakey, not secure]

16 August 2010: Added more Whitney family data from the Whitney Research Group pages, Sawtell from some website [!]

2 February 2011: Added earlier Echternach family members; source Wenger, Samuel E., "Echternach Family History Report" (2001). Added early Riehm and Schwab family members from Denniston, E. L., "Genealogy of the Stukey, Ream, Grove, Clem, and Denniston Families" (1939). Added Heinecke and Vandersaal data from Heinecke, Samuel, "Genealogy from Adam to Christ" (1881). 8 March 2011: Added Wheeler, Davis, Grant entries from http://www.gulbangi.com/5families-o/p372.htm and other compilations there (referenced)

22 November 2011: Added earlier generations back from Shadrack Hapgood (#576), based on "Dorothy ______, the Key In Our Search for Shadrack Hapgood" [NEHGR, April 1996, p 141 ff.] Added some Gibson and Wheeler data from Abraham and before, from a Gibson website and Wilson's John Gibson of Cambridge, Massachusetts. Added early Gates records from Torrey, "Stephen Gates of Hingham, Lancaster, and Cambridge, Mass." in GPC Collection, p 677 ff., and from W. Reitweisner's "Ancestry of George Bush"

23 November 2011: Added more data on the Stoughton and Grant families, edited from Stiles "Ancient Windsor" and other sources, found on a reasonable website.

25 November 2011: Added Ward of Sudbury at start of Hapgood line, from Martyn's "William Ward Genealogy" (1925)